Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Democrat John Fabrizi
Bridgeport Conn Major admits to using cocaine a lot while in office

Mayor John M. Fabrizi on Tuesday stood before more than 200 city employees and residents and admitted he used cocaine in the past.
"I am sorry if I have, in any way, hurt the dignity of this office. I will do everything I can to regain the respect and support of the people of this city," Fabrizi said during an emotional address in which he choked up several times.
Referring specifically to his past drug use, Fabrizi said flatly, "Over the course of a number of years I abused alcohol and used cocaine occasionally."
Admitting he used cocaine during his time in office as both City Council president and later as mayor, he said he has not used drugs in 18 months.
Tears running down his cheeks, Fabrizi said he sought help for a drug addiction and had hoped that he could handle it privately.
Monday with the Connecticut Post editorial board, Fabrizi said he quit using cocaine at the end of 2004, and stopped drinking this year. He was elected in the fall of 2003.
The admission followed the release of FBI documents in which an alleged drug dealer claimed an associate had a videotape of the mayor using cocaine. Fabrizi, a Democrat who took office after Joseph Ganim (another democrat) was convicted of corruption in 2003, said he hopes to move forward and continue running Connecticut's largest city.

So he got caught and now he tring to be like Kennedy and say that he is a victim and he is trying to stop...but it is so hard...


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